About Me

Extended Warranty & Service Contract Consulting Since 2020

I've had a passion for cars since I was a teen. My unique experiences working on family and friends cars growing up lead me to pursuing a BS in Marketing and Economics and then on to to earning a MBA from Babson College just so I could interview with Ford Motor Company. Ford didn't hire me but Nissan did and I had the unique pleasure and experience of working for Nissan for almost 32 years, retiring in December 2019. The first eight years at Nissan I worked in Aftersales calling on dealers. Then the next seven years at headquarters in California working in Service Parts, Service Marketing, and then Accessory Marketing. After Accessories, I transitioned to Vehicle Service Contracts and Certified Pre-Owned since 2001 in all aspects of the business including Sales, Marketing, Claims, Product Development, Pricing, Vendor Contracts, Consumer Contracts, Information Technology, Business Transformation, and Reporting Solutions (Tableau). This is a rare collection of experience that I am still passionate about and am able to share with you to help you achieve your business plans.

What We Look For

Areas to improve though existing products, technology or resources. Relentless incrementally is the goal.  

Where To Find ME

  Drop me an email or call me to discuss "What are you trying to solve for" and how my company may be of assistance in helping you to achieve these goals.